Global Equity Exchange

  An alternative to traditional Real Estate Acquisition 

My Real Estate Investment and Exchange Meetings

San Diego Real Estate Investment and Exchange Meeting

Tuesday Mornings 10 AM

Ticor Title 2275 Rio Bonito Way #160, San Diego, CA 92108

Cash is only one method of acquiring a property. The San Diego Real Estate Investment and Exchange group is the perfect place to get together with other like mind professionals and market your own or your client's property.

Bring your land, Income properties, apartments, hotels, residential, and business opportunities and you'll be happy with what you leave with. Most of the properties presented are off-market come where opportunity best presents its self!

For those who are new to Equity Marketing and Exchanging, join me as we learn the Fundamentals of Equity Marketing. You will learn the questions that need to be asked t o best counsel your clients

Meeting cost is $5. This meeting is open to anyone

.interested in Equity Marketing please bring a friend.

Los Angeles Real Estate Investment and Exchange Forum

meets every 3rd Thursday of the month

11:30 to 2:00 PM

Our lunch meeting is held at

Lucille's BBQ in Culver City 6000 Sepulveda Blvd, Culver City, CA 90230

This Forum is for Brokers and licensees engage in the sale, traditional exchange, tax deferred exchange, syndication and limited partnership of real estate holdings on a national and local level. Emphasis is placed on client counseling, problem solving using time tested Real Estate formulas. I started this group to bring together the licences Real Estate Professional in our area and introduce you to the art of Exchange properties! Cash itself is not the answer to all real estate conveyances. Unless the personal motivation, benefits sought, and tax matters are considered prior to a real estate transaction, a client’s best interest may not be served.

We understand that knowledge and creativity are the keys to success for our clients and our profession. Our members will achieve high levels of education in the following areas Counseling- Creative Formulas-Exchanging- Financing- Marketing- Tax Considerations- Transaction Structures with each subsequent meetings. Cost is $10


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